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In the current modern academic and professional context, everyone has the need to present their viewpoints, ideas or plans to an individual or groups, hence the necessity of the presentation skills.

However, most of us are still afraid and apprehensive when having to make a public speech. This results in a lackluster and incomprehensible presentation. The problems lie in our confidence, which we can boost by preparing and formulating a coherent speech beforehand as well as acquiring the necessary presentation techniques and methods to handle unexpected situations. By overcoming our fear, we will be able to raise our confidence and create an exciting, compelling atmosphere for the presentation.

This “Presentation Skills” course will help you grasp all the presentation techniques, communicate effectively in public, become the embodiment of confidence and make your ideas more appealing and engaging. In addition, the course also guides you how to prepare thoroughly for the presentation, to handle each situation, to enhance interactive activities and to integrate verbal and body language to construct an impressive, persuasive presentation. Moreover, you are given chances to put them into practice and gain a deeper insight into the matter with a variety of case studies. There are also many quizzes to help you review and test your understanding.

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