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How to use the website

After completing the course, you can request a certificate. The system will automatically issue a soft-copy certificate in pdf format. The condition for the certificate is to complete the course and take the final quiz.
Note: If you would like to receive a stamped hard-copy certificate, you will have to pay additional costs for printing and shipping. For more information, please contact us directly via email.

The Workingskills.net system provides professional skills e-learning courses for working professionals and students. There are two main user groups: user groups including corporate organizations, clubs, schools, and individual users.

If you belong to a registered group of company, club or school, you do not need to register directly on the Workingskills.net system. Instead, you will go through your group, organization, or school, and your account will be automatically created and sent to you via email.

Groups, organizations, companies, clubs or schools that require group account registration with specially designed training programs at discounted prices, please contact us via email workingskills.contact@tme.edu.vn.

Each course on the Workingskills.net system will have a different learning time depending on the lesson content. When you access the course, you will see the minimum time required to complete each lesson displayed in the list. To complete a lesson, you need to study for at least the allotted time.
The Workingskills.net system does not limit the maximum learning time. We encourage users to refer back the lesson content, consolidate  knowledge, and ask questions to the advisory team.

Please check your spam, junk, or promotion folders if you don’t find the confirmation registration email. Or, you can contact us directly via email workingskills.contact@tme.edu.vn for support.

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