University students skills

IT – Effective communication skills – Phiên bản tiếng Việt

This course will help participants choose the best communications channel, the technical know-how to use the channel, the presentation of information to the target audience, and the skill to understand responses received from others. After learning this course, you will be able to Understand what is communication. Determine communication barriers. Know how to make a…

IT – Effective writing email skills – Phiên bản tiếng Việt

Email is an important communication tool. It allows us to keep tasks / projects moving when our colleages are unavailable or on the other side of the world. This course will help you to: Create a professional email account, Write a clear and short email, Use email tools effectively, Anh how to communicate via email.

U4.05 – Critical thinking skills – Phiên bản tiếng Việt

The more advanced the society is, the more problems arise. Every day, each of us has to take in a large amount of information, and much of them can be inaccurate and misleading. Critical thinking skills are an important asset to help us explore the different aspects of an issue; make effectiveness in problem solving.…

U3.07 – Time management tools – Phiên bản tiếng Việt

This course will help you to be able to Know how to use To-do-list Know how to make To-do-list with Evernote Know how to create a meeting agenda and meeting minute with Evernote Gather and manage information with Evernote Use planning techniques such as JAR, 5WH2C5M, etc.  

U3.05 – Problem solving skills – Phiên bản tiếng Việt

This course will give participants an overview of the entire creative problem-solving process, as well as key problem-solving tools that they can use every day. It helps participants understand problems and the creative problem-solving process including identifying types of information to gather and key questions to ask in problem-solving; defining a problem correctly; writing concrete…